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1. As the "Chinese Time-honored Brand" by the Ministry of Internal Trade of the People's Republic of China
2. In December 2002, Yuanxiang Foods was listed as the "Quality Credit Service Unit of China Quality Miles" in the activities of Premier Zhu Rongji's Quality Travel.
3. In November 2006, the "Yuanzhixiang" brand was rated as "Fujian Famous Brand Product"
4. In December 2009, the "Yuanzhixiang" brand was named "Fujian Famous Trademark"
5. In February 2010, it was appraised as a "contract-honoring and trustworthy enterprise" by Wuhan Administration for Industry and Commerce/Wuhan Contract Credit Cooperative Promotion Association
6. In April 2010, it was rated as "Advanced Leading Enterprise" by Wuhan People's Government in terms of agricultural industrialization management in 2009
7. Was rated as "2013 China Frozen Food Industry-Most Innovative Brand"
8. In November 2015, the "Yuanzhixiang" brand was named "Fujian Famous Brand"
9. In September 2016, he was awarded the "Large taxpayer who paid 1 million to 3 million yuan in 2015"
10. In March 2017, the "Yuanzhixiang" brand was rated as a member unit of "Quality and Credit" by Fujian Quality Culture Promotion Association.
11. In June 2017, he was awarded the "Large taxpayer who paid 1 million to 3 million yuan in 2016"
12. In May 2018, Maxiang Cold-cut Intestines was rated as "China Hot Pot Ingredients Industry Star Single Product" at the 8th China Hot Pot Ingredients Festival and Hot Pot Ingredients Expo
13. In December 2018, "Quality Pioneer Display Products" was held in the Quality Brand Pioneer Activity

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